TikTok Methodologies Recordings

The TikTok Cultures Research Network held its third virtual event TikTok Methodologies on 19 July 2021 organized by founding members Associate Professor Crystal AbidinProfessor Patrik Wikström, and Dr Bondy Valdovinos Kaye. The event featured featuring the network’s founding and international members offering insights on their TikTok research methodologies.

The field of digital media research is rapidly expanding to include innovative and exciting TikTok research. As one of the most widely used digital short video platforms around the world, TikTok is a key social arena to study global youth culture, creativity, professionalization, and activism. This event was a critical forum for discussion on TikTok research frameworks and methodologies from emerging voices in the field. 

This two-hour virtual event took place via Zoom on 19 July 2021 and featured two panel discussions with a diverse array of TikTok researchers. 

The event was live tweeted via our official Twitter account in a thread here. All of the academic sources linked during the event are available in a Twitter thread here.

Introduction and Session 01 “Conceptualising a TikTok Project”

Event Introduction: A/Prof Crystal Abidin (Curtin University)

Welcome to Country: Ingrid Cumming, Nyungar Cultural Advisor (Curtin University)

Session 01 Presenters
Prof Adriana Amaral (Unisinos)
Dr. Milovan Savic (Swinburne University)
Dr. Diana Zulli (Purdue University)

Dr. Wei Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Video available here
Duration: 56:03
Welcome to Country begins at 02:35, Session 01 begins at 05:45, Public Q&A begins at 44:45

Session 02 “Operationalising a TikTok Project” and Conclusion

Session 02 Presenters
Dr. Xu Chen (Xiamen University)
Dr. Jorge Vázquez Herrero (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela)
Dr. Jin Lee (Curtin University)

Clare Southerton (University of New South Wales)

Event Conclusion
Prof Patrik Wikström (Queensland University of Technology)

Video available here
Duration: 48:27
Session 02 begins at 0:50, public Q&A begins at 30:40, event conclusion begins at 44:35