TikTok and Social Movements Recordings

The TikTok Cultures Research Network held its fourth virtual event TikTok and Social Movements on 20 September 2021 organised by founding members Dr Jin Lee, Associate Professor Crystal Abidin, and Dr D. Bondy Valdovinos Kaye.

The event was a half-day online Symposium (on Zoom) to showcase emergent research on the potentials, promises, pitfalls, and parameters of such social movements on TikTok. The event featured a keynote delivered by Dr Ariadna Matamoros-Fernández (Queensland University of Technology)

The event was live tweeted a our official Twitter account in a thread here.

Keynote: Discussing and Assessing Harmful Humor on TikTok

Video available here.

Keynote Speaker: Ariadna MATAMOROS-FERNÁNDEZ

Keynote Introduction: Jin LEE

Duration: 24min, 40sec | Keynote begins at 02:15, public Q&A begins at 26:55

Session 01: Advocacy & Platforms

Video available here.

Benjamin TIMMINS* & Nicholas-Brie GUARRIELLO: Gender? I hardly know her: “TransTok” and TikTok’s Gender-Conscious Communities
Duration: 10min | Presentation begins at: 01:06
*presenting author

Junoh KIMM: Information Practices on TikTok and Its Implications for Social Participation
Duration: 9min, 55sec | Presentation begins at 11:30

Jessica Sage RAUCHBERG: A Wynterian Unprogramming of TikTok’s Algorithmic Ableism
Duration: 7min, 45sec | Presentation begins at 22:25

Aidan MOIR: Jagmeet Singh, TikTok, and the Use of Digital Advocacy in Canadian Federal Election Campaigns
Duration: 8min, 5sec | Presentation begins at 30:40

Panel Q&A moderated by Crystal ABIDIN
Duration: 17min, 40sec | Q&A begins at 38:47

Session 02: Gender & Sexuality

Video available here.

Zoe HURLEY: New moves/old beats: Saudi Arabian women’s traversing of traditional boundaries of gender embodiment on TikTok
Duration: 10min, 40sec | Presentation begins at 0:45

Guanqin HE: Make a New Living? Housewives Negotiate Motherhood, Subjugation and Gender Relations on TikTok
Duration: 9min, 45sec | Presentation begins at 11:45

İrem İNCEOGLU & Yiğit Bahadır KAYA*: Tiktokivism: Grouping of LGBTI+ Youth on TikTok’s Semi-Discrete Environments
Duration: 9min | Presentation begins at 21:00
*presenting author

Krysten STEIN: YOU BETTER WORK! Drag Queen Storytelling and Performativity on TikTok
Duration: 9min, 25 sec | Presentation begins at 30:35

Panel Q&A moderated by Jin LEE
Duration: 13min, 30sec | Q&A begins at 40:05

Session 03: Politics & Playfulness

Video available here.

Laura CERVI: TikTok, the locus for a new form of playful activism: the case of #gazaunderattack
Duration: 9min, 45sec | Presentation begins at 1:25

Tom DIVON: Participatory Nationalism on TikTok: The Memeification of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Duration: 9min, 50sec | Presentation begins at 11:30

Yulia BELINSKAYA* & Joan Ramon RODRIGUEZ-AMAT: Russian encounters in the TikTok-sphere
Duration: 11min | Presentation begins at 21:40
*presenting author

Derya KURTULUŞ* & Demet FIRAT: TikTok Journalism: Forest Fires In Turkey
Duration: 12min, 28sec | Presentation begins at32:58
*presenting author

Panel Q&A moderated by Crystal ABIDIN
Duration: 13min | Q&A begins at 45:36

Session 04: Grassroots & Community

Video available here.

Ignatius T. MABASA: TikTok in Zimbabwe: Global Cultures, Ideologies and Consciousness
Duration: 10min, 12 sec | Presentation begins at 0:28

Zizheng YU: Protest against businesses with Douyin: an innovative repertoire for Chinese consumers
Duration: 9min, 55sec | Presentation begins at 11:25

Estu Putri WILUJENG: Rhizomatic TikTok Posts: Students protests on laws in Indonesia
Duration: 9min, 30sec | Presentation begins at 21:50

Izza KHALEEDA: Politics of Visibility: Impact of TikTok on the Disability Community
Duration: 10min, 15sec | Presentation begins at 31:40

Panel Q&A moderated by Jin LEE
Duration: 10min, 15 sec | Q&A begins at 42:01

Jin LEE – Event Closing
Duration: 2min, 30 sec | Conclusion begins at 52:19