TikTok & Asian Diaspora Recordings

Poster for the TikTok & Asian Diaspora Roundtable Event, 17 Oct 2022, 1430 - 1700 in AWST (GMT +8).

The TikTok Cultures Research Network held its sixth virtual event TikTok & Asian Diaspora on 17 October 2022 organised by founding members Dr Jin Lee and Associate Professor Crystal Abidin.

With the increasing popularity of the platform, TikTok has been considered a place for people in marginalized communities, like Asian diasporas around the world, to talk about their life struggles, raise their voices against racial discrimination often instigated by situations like COVID-19, and obtain visibility in media culture. This roundtable event featured TikTokers, community and industry professionals, and academics discussing the past, the present, and the future of Asian diasporas and TikTok cultures.

The event was live-tweeted at our official Twitter account in a thread here.

Introduction & Panel 1: Academics

Video available here.

Panelists: Dr Earvin Charles B. CABALQUINTO, Dr Satveer KAUR-GILL & Dr Tara ROSS

Moderator: Dr Jin LEE

Duration: 51 min, 05 sec


0:00 – Introduction
1:19 – Welcome to Country: Emeritus Prof Simon FORREST
8:05 – Panel Introduction
10:41 – Discussion
39:55 – Audience Q&A

Panel 2: TikTokers

Video available here.

Panelists: Pele VONCUJOVI, Palak MODY, Mayuri MODY & Seong-Jae (Billy) KONG

Moderator: Dr Jin LEE

Duration: 45 min, 14 sec


0:00 – Panel Introduction
2:05 – Discussion
34:35 – Audience Q&A

Panel 3: Industry and Community & closing

Video available here.

Panelists: Nirote (May) CHAWEEWANNAKORN, Shaun CHEE & Shikha GIANCHANDANI

Moderator: A/Prof Crystal ABIDIN

Duration: 48 min, 45 sec

0:00 – Panel Introduction
2:38 – Discussion
34:42 – Audience Q&A
45:35 – Closing

The TikTok & Asian Diaspora programme and panelist bios can be found via the event page here.