These interviews, commentaries and press mentions feature members of the TikTok Cultures Research Network. 

This page was last updated May 2023

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A quote poster which says: "[When] discourse that's as important as this [is transformed into a pop culture vehicle, it's easier for people to talk about the issue." - Crystal Abidin

Crystal Abidin quoted in ABC Everyday. “Why TikTok users are making thirst trap memes after CEO Shou Zi Chew’s congressional hearing” (28 March 2023)

A quote poster, which says: "On TikTok, this tendency to consume information in bite-sized nuggets is accelerated by the platform's For You page, which is designed as a conduit for virality, and adhering to the truth in one's videos is not always a guarantee for achieving the desired level of exposure." - Tom Divon

Tom Divon quoted in VICE. “Why Do People Believe Everything They Watch on TikTok?” (6 February 2023)

A quote poster, which says: "People are vying for attention in a limited economy of attention. They really want you to stop on their video, and the way to do that is making it interesting and familial." - Christian Ilbury

Christian Ilbury quoted in Vice. “Why Does Everyone on TikTok Use the Same Weird Voice?” (29 March 2023)