TikTok & Youth Cultures in the Age of COVID-19 Recordings

The TikTok Cultures Research Network held its second virtual event on TikTok and Youth Cultures in the Age of COVID-19 on 29 March 2021 hosted by founding members Associate Professor Crystal AbidinDr D Bondy Valdovinos Kaye, and Dr Andy Zhao

TikTok has become one of the most widely used short video platforms around the world, with millions of new users joining during the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020. The platform is now a key social arena for global youth culture, creativity, professionalization, and activism. This event is an open forum for discussions on how digital cultures are evolving in the wave of a global pandemic and the massive uptake of TikTok by diverse groups of people during this time.

This two-hour virtual event featured one research presentation and two panel discussions with a diverse array of panellists including TikTok influencers, media industry professionals, and academics. 

Introduction and Welcome to Country

Welcome to Country: Ingrid Cumming, Nyungar Cultural Advisor (Curtin University)

Event Introduction: A/Prof Crystal Abidin (Curtin University)

Video available here.
Duration: 04min 05sec

Session 01: How are young people messaging COVID-19 on TikTok?

A/Prof Crystal Abidin (Curtin University)
Dr D. Bondy Valdovinos Kaye (QUT)
Dr Xinyu (Andy) Zhao (Deakin University)

Slides available here. Video available here.
Duration: 30min 02sec
Public Q&A begins at 23:00

Session 02: How has COVID-19 impacted the landscape and culture of TikTok?

Ariel Bogle (ASPI International Cyber Policy Centre)
Kylie Sng (Hepmil Creators Network)
Patrick Smith (Educator/TikToker)

Aleesha Rodriguez (QUT)

Video available here.
Duration: 39min 55sec
Public Q&A begins at 19:10

Session 03: What is the future of TikTok for youth engagements?

Tahlea Aualiitia (ABC)
Oddie Randa (Gushcloud Indonesia)
Nich Richie (Activist/TikToker) – with apologies

Dr Emily van der Nagel (Monash University)

Video available here.
Duration: 41min 19sec
Public Q&A begins at 35:00

Thanks and closing

Closing: A/Prof Crystal Abidin (Curtin University)

Video available here.
Duration: 1min 38sec