The TikTok Cultures Research Network is a research portal founded in October 2020 by A/Prof Crystal Abidin and a group of Asia Pacific-based interdisciplinary scholars who are studying TikTok cultures from a variety of qualitative research methodologies. We provide and facilitate the production of scholarly resources, research projects, and events that connect networks of qualitative scholars of various disciplines from around the world. Our ethos is rooted in providing opportunities to junior, under-represented, and under-privileged scholars; in committing to a decolonial perspective that prioritises research from and by the margins/marginalized in the Asia Pacific and Global South; and in fostering meaningful and impactful collaboration and networking opportunities that will result in innovative research perspectives.

Our first event was a symposium about TikTok Cultures in the Asia Pacific held on 7 December 2020 with a corresponding Special Issue in production to be published in 2022. Our second event was a public-facing forum on TikTok Youth Cultures in the Age of COVID-19 held on 29 March 2021. Our third event was an expert panel on TikTok Methodologies held on 19 July 2021. Our fourth event was a symposium about TikTok and Social Movements held on 20 September 2021.

If you are interested in joining the TikTok Cultures Research Network we invite you to submit an expression of interest via our online form available here.

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This website is supported by funding from various projects, including the MCASI Creative-Critical Imaginations Seed Fund at Curtin University, Strategic Investment Funding from Faculty of Humanities at Curtin University, Professor Michael Keane, the Australian Research Council (DP170102176 and DE190100789), and the Social Science Research Council (Rapid-Response Grants on Covid-19 and the Social Sciences).